Genogram : The hope of preserving Family history

Family history

Genogram : The hope of preserving Family history


Who are you? From whom have you descended? Is it genuinely important to learn your family history? How would knowing about ancestors advice or help you indirectly/directly? If you have these questions in mind, then along with probing for facts, its essential to perceive how genograms are cognate to preserving histories of family.

I queried myself, I researched for justification. Now, I am able to sense “behind the scenes”, absolute reasons for acquiring erudition of the family’s history. Here’s what I ascertained:

How interesting is to know about your own family history?



Grasping an insight of the history of your antecedents is as consequential as learning the history of World. Every gene has its own nature derived from their predecessors. No wonder that similar patterns of characteristic behavior are recognized in the kins of a family. Of course, we all have a vague idea of genealogy; responsible for the characteristics and features. Besides the fact, there’s something beyond just the study of genes. A thorough study of family’s history would avail in apperception of trends and many more that I would be verbalizing further.

What if you hadn’t known anything about your family ? How emotionally are you connected with your family? Why is it that you find kindred medical conditions in you as that of your forebear? The solutions could only be found when an intensive research is done on one’s own family history. Start discovering the hidden secrets, dark truths and bonding with the family members. The word “FAMILY”, is just not restricted to a family of 3 or 4 (nuclear family) in-fact, it also includes the person from whom one is descended.

What are Genograms ?



Before heading to execution of this idea, it’s recommended you know how exactly do genograms work. Genogram is the key to open the lock of an unmapped house that belongs to you. Have you ever seen how a tree develops or starts growing branches? Yes, Genogram is something similar to a grown tree that has branches, leaves & fruits that are depicted with certain symbols and relating them with the family terminology. To be precise, it’s a graphical representation of family relationships & medical history, it can be otherwise called as a family research diagram.

In 1985, Genograms were first developed by Monica McGoldrick and Randy Gerson through a book called “Genograms: Assessment and Intervention”. However, rebinding the history of a family is not only a solitary notion of these genograms but also, there’s a vigorous commitment of studying the hereditary perpetual patterns, inherited medical conditions, psychology, social work and others. Under the guidance of a computer software called “Genealogy software”, genograms could be made dexterously. The software works with in-depth details of you & your family such as birth date & place, marriage, death, relationship with others in the family, personal data like the events in life, media, character, behavior, health conditions, etc.

How a Genogram represents the history of a family?

The pictorial chart of Genograms have several symbols that illustrates the gender, family relationships, color codes showing medical conditions, emotional relationships, social relationships. The representation is framed in such a way as when viewed casually (after mapping family details) , a complete story of family flashes like a live histrionic stage craft.

Fundamental symbols:Genogram symbolsFamily relationshipsEmotional relationships


Which is the right time to start working on Family history?


In case you are waiting for the right time, hurry up and start with the most elderly living person in your family, provided there must be some agenda already prepared. For an instance, if you have a grand mother/father or great grand mother/father in your family (obviously, alive), probably there’s a prospect to know about their life history connected with their generation including siblings & cousins. If you are fortuitous enough and as long as they are mystically enchanted with good recollection, then you might get information of their progenitors additionally. I believe, there’s no right time defined to begin this thought-provoking project of Life history. While employed on this dynamic job, think practically and try to utilize the illimitable options of internet that direct you to carry on the work smoothly. I indeed mean the family tree or genealogy softwares that are available on the Internet.

In what way do these family histories help you?

Sample chart


You may not be keen in digging the life histories of your family as you may think it of no use, but trust me …it is going to give you a lot, making you aware of unbelievable facts associated with life. Their experiences will be a guide for you while you face the most terrible hurdles of life. Their characters & behaviours will edify you rights and wrongs. Their advise and suggestions might make you become the most strongest. Odds and evens, good and bad, pros and cons, all the contrasts could be derived from their history.

Furthermore, there must be some evidence of your past to pass on to your future. Your children should be fed with all the required information that aids in framing their future. It is actually good to know biographies of people and it becomes remotely more intriguing when it comes to your own family.

Legends are “not to forget” and stories of Legend are to “remember always”.

Note down


To know your family history, prepare list of questions you think would suffice for knowing them deeply. Remember to carry a handy notebook and pen to quickly jot down the details and their story as and when they narrate.

  • You might be having their basic details, if not ask and note : age, date & place of birth, siblings, children, cousins, etc.
  • Ask them about the major events and memories they have had so far. It could be even linked with their EX-related or a dead.
  • Try to know about their past. Analyze the emotional status and nature of the person with whom you are conversing.
  • Their blissful and woeful moments.
  • Their social relationships and addiction like parties, religion related activities, gatherings, school, smoking, alcohol, etc.
  • Most importantly their medical conditions, diagnosis, ongoing treatments, cured diseases. etc.

Studying Genograms :

“There is a hope of preserving future generations from the risk of the diseases……….”

Apart from those moral stories, a particular pattern of medical history could be studied. Doctors and specialists utilize the information of hereditary medical conditions through several generations obtained from medical genograms and admonish the successor of the jeopardy he or she is liable to suffer. The pattern of medical conditions are studied to protect the further generation from falling prey to it. There is a hope of preserving future generations from the risk of the diseases that’s reiterating in the family as an interminable curse. Here’s where the genograms come to action, they provide all the necessary information beforehand which may be helpful in taking preventive measures.

Genogram symbols :

Health conditions


Mobile Apps :

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