All about shopping

All about shopping:

Looking for emerging trends & design, becoming owner of priceless assets, creating a modernistic style haven’t yet perished but conquered the hearts of umpteen people. There’s always a discovery of long forgotten patterns or invention of meticulous designs in the industry of fashion & lifestyle. To attune with the prevailing fashion that captivates all with its quaint features, there should be continual attention towards it that probably lands us into becoming addicted.

Shopping is now a way of relaxation, which remained occasional until few years in the past. Internet plays a key role in grabbing attention of millions of people around the world, allowing people to shop effortlessly. Adverts have a grip on the Internet to expel in every aspect. Eventually, there’s an immeasurable traffic on online shopping rather in physical stores, regardless of goods that are being purchased. Online shopping has reformulated the total idea of shopping. Planning strategies, priorities, standards of lifestyle are on gradual shifts relying on the technology.

Shopping stuffs doesn’t just include a person’s interest or liking towards it, instead there must be a consideration of the convenience & comfort levels.

“Online websites are cautious of their products’ description and take care of every single term framed to illustrate it…….”

How do we choose between Online & Offline shopping?

A simple mobile app or a website of shopping has a tremendous impact on the shoppers who now prefer shopping with an ease from wherever they are. Online retailers are very considerate and are open to put up a sale, exchange/return of specific items purchased online for a duration of time in case of any damage. And this, is a great advantage for shoppers who can check the items bought and if not satisfied could even return it with no extra charges incurred. Online websites are cautious of their products’ description and take care of every single term framed to illustrate it, successively leading to doubt-free shopping.

On the other hand, shopping on websites or mobile applications are not favorable every time. In addition to it, one cannot feel the product online except moving ahead with a positive assumption. As a result, people adopt the custom of picking up things or goods themselves directly from stores. There are people who love to check and feel the product beforehand to be sure enough if it is worth every penny that’s going to be spent. Offline shoppers first make a thorough research on the accessible Internet regarding the availability, price, seasonal sale. Once unconditionally pleased by the product, they walk-in the store to check them in person subsequently comping up with a decision after a detailed observation & survey. Of course, this criteria varies from person to person. People who are very much obsessed with shopping, purchase goods/products at the very first impression.

“The retailers awaken the thirst of shopping…….”

How frequent do we shop?

Thinking back in the past, we used to shop only on important festivals, major occasions or family parties that are calculable. And now, the scenario is quiet different. We shop engagingly as and when we like to. Every so often it happens that we are forced to shop without an acceptable gap, as the retailers awaken the thirst of shopping by notifying us of “SALE” with a tagline of “ending soon or last day”. Business tricks and tactics are very influential ; they are well versed with human (especially women’s) psychology.

Shopper & Seller point of view:

Every single person’s thought is different from the other and so, they have their own theories of shopping considered to be impeccable, which is unfortunately not. Intermittently, there arises necessity of buying things that cannot be neglected; they shop. And some are very desirous who constantly yearn for purchasing anything that attracts; they shop. On the other hand, there are also people who always depend on others’ ideas & liking without any prior knowledge of the products / goods and cluelessly end up shopping.

Now, speaking of the trade persons/ sellers / retailers, they are on the verge of making profits 24×7. They set up the price of a product with maximum possible profit level ; Sale / discount on a product isn’t always genuine. Products nearing their expiry date are moved out on the name of “offer” “buy 1 get 1”, of course we are all aware of these things ; we shop 😃 (as per our needs). I find this as a balanced act, because buyer and the seller both are absolutely right on their own strategy of money making / saving. Buyer is mentally satisfied to having been benefited, while the seller always being able to make at least minimal profit margin.

“A well known ploy to fascinate people is to design the shop with elegant and…….”

Shopping Websites on full swing:

The website design has completely transformed the experience of offline shopping with a way more interesting added elements to that of an Online one. A well known ploy to fascinate people is to design the shop with elegant and alluring interiors whether it be an online website or an offline one. Shopping websites are well-designed according to the customer’s ease of using the website. Furthermore, they are creative, with similar shopping options as in any existing real store. All the minute points are well taken care of to get a flawless website design.

Websites designs that impressed me so far :

From where do we get ideas of fashion & style?

I usually refer fashion blogs online prior shopping, as it keeps me well connected with the current trends. Online marketing / services are in a boom and they keep everything updated as soon as a new fashion or trend is introduced. Internet seems like a spontaneous answering system, anything could be found just within a tick of the clock. Fashion blogs, fashion & style E-magazine, E-books of fashion & trends always help us take a right decision in shopping. The adverts on Television make a greater impact on us, especially Celebrity commercials are ideal & inspiring as they showcase the fashion in a stimulating way and sometimes be even influential.

What’s happening in Fashion & style ?

I am sharing my list of sources that keeps me aware of Fashion( upcoming & current trends) :

Shopping streets across the world:

Here are few shopping streets across the world I have been so far.

  1. Hyderabad, India,

Shopping street / area : Charminar

Popular : Very famous for Bangles, Pearls & other jewelry

Charminar, Hyderabad, India

Hyderabad is my hometown. It is called city of Pearls. There are so many shopping streets as well as historical places; prices remain affordable & reasonable even today. Picture shows the most recognized structures of India; known as Charminar. Shopping on this street is amazing as it filled with colorful glittering jewelry.

2. Singapore

Shopping Street / area : Bugis street

Bugis street, Singapore

Singapore is my second home. I live in this beautiful island country. Shopping experience in Singapore does seem like a heaven. Bugis & Chinatown are the right ones for shopping if budget is the main constraint.

3. Singapore

Shopping area : ION Orchard (Shopping mall)

ION Orchard, Singapore

ION Orchard has a stunning architecture; and is a place best suitable for photography. Panoramic view of the city can be seen from ION sky. The mall has all the major branded shops, wide variety of tasteful food from different cuisines.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Shopping street / area : Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia

5. Amsterdam , Netherlands

Shopping Area : kalverstraat

kalverstraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands

6. Siem Reap, Combodia

Shopping area / street : Angkor Night market

Angkor Night market, Siem Reap, Combodia

7. Paris, France

Shopping area : Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees, Paris, France

8. Venice, Italy

Shopping area : Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

9. Rome, Italy

Shopping area: Piazza navona

Piazza navona, Rome, Italy

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