Photography as a hobby


Photography as a hobby

Photography being one of my hobbies, What do I think about it?

Photographs have now become a necessary possession not piled up as hard copies; rather a soft copy collection is maintained handily on the global internet. Convincingly photography has won hearts of millions of people over the years, standing out as an undeniable hobby. The same hobby or leisure activity, if becomes a dedicated practice could even escort to professionalism. These days everyone owns either a camera or a smart phone. Statistically there are several people who initiated photography explicitly as a hobby and turned out to be proficient. Photography being an affordable & enjoyable hobby, it offers hours of happiness filling the hearts of people with enthusiasm.

Is it really essential for a common man to know about Photography?

Although you want it be a pleasurable pastime, it is substantial to capture the moment or whatever is the aimed target, with utmost precision. This exactness when reviewed later, would definitely flashes back the same feel that you were experiencing then. Who does refuse getting a closer look of such an entertaining hobby of Photography? So, I suggest to start looking for elemental online guidance videos that will enable to capture pixel perfect pictures.

Remember Photography isn’t my profession and I am not going to suggest any camera settings. I do set my camera with some basic ones that I learned from couple of Youtube basic camera setting videos. Here are the links of the videos I referred :

At first, I started taking snaps indoors with my Canon DSLR camera . Most of the time it was trial and error method until I obtain an absolute result. This way I came to know the list of elements to be considered while taking photographs. When working outdoors, I could figure out the difference in camera settings between day & night modes and soon bought a tripod to catch the night views in order to avoid the pixel breaks or shaky outcomes. I was not trying to become an expert rather it was a struggle to see flawless pictures when viewed onscreen. Because, the clock cannot be backtracked once again to glimpse the same moment, I wanted to know the tricks of photography to certain extent.

Indoor , Outdoor & Night photography :

For clicking pictures whether it be indoor or outdoor, one thing that has to be particularly kept in mind is the “Light & Focus”. As a beginner, I learnt it by reading photography articles, Internet explanations, videos and of course implementing it. Focussing on the subject is the foremost as the amount of light would be less indoors and the camera fails to focus. It does not mean that you cannot take pictures in low light; rather ISO settings are to be taken care. Here, a question arises about the different modes that are already available on the camera. Yes, we can as well use all these modes, in-fact they are helpful when time becomes the major constraint. However, it’s thrilling only when you explore odds & ends on your own and this is possible when you start using the Manual Mode setting instead of Auto.

It is essential to grasp the techniques of shadow & mirror escaping. For example, If it is a sunny day and you wish to carry on a photo shoot in an open area, watch out carefully whether the scene is interrupted by your shadow. Stand in such a position that there is no hint of the shadow on the subject or in the frame. And in case of mirrors, glass, or any shiny materials do not show up yourselves anywhere on it. These are the principal factors to be concentrated while capturing pictures.

Night Photography is another towering mission that involves contribution of various settings depending on the amount of light available. The menu settings of any camera consists aperture, shutter speed, ISO, shooting mode and exposure control that are adjustable. The maximum & minimum aperture varies with the type of lens we use.

Type of lens and modes:

Refer the link :

Which one is appropriate …..Smartphones Or Digital camera?

Waiting for the photos to be processed i.e developing the film, desperately waiting for the clueless outcome, limited photos per camera roll, are no more. Today, we have reached that position which was not even foreseen or thought. We now have terabytes & gigabytes of space available as SD/memory cards to store the pictures incessantly. Endless hard work by the worldwide tech team has finally paid off. The technology is still developing and hope there would not be any need to put a full stop to it. People in this ultramodern world use artificial intelligence of “Drones” for photography. Smartphone cameras are robust and they are gaining popularity in fashion industry as people have started using it for a professional photo shoot. Speaking of Smartphones, these are not only portable but an ALL IN ONE device that works both as a camera reproducing high clarity pictures and mobile phone as well. It totally depends on the necessity, time and convenience whether to use Smartphone or a Digital camera for photographs. According to the requirement I decide the gadget. I love traveling and so I expect my memories to be pixel perfect; I use DSLR mainly for this purpose.

Best phones of 2015:


Backup of photos:

What’s the use of photos, if they are not secured with a backup? We click snaps relentlessly, until the maximum limit of a card is reached. Over a period of time, it may happen that the phone or camera hangs because of oversized photos or overfilled photos. This usually happens in smartphones. There arises a situation, when you need to safely shelter the photos somewhere. Several providers Online offer storage facilities. A couple of them are free of cost to a certain limit of storage, later they charge a reasonable price per year/month.

Not only the photos, but also backup of the documents and other files can be organized online.

Here you go:

A safe place for all your files:


Unlimited cloud storage from Amazon:

The home for all your photos:


Photo Editing :

Editing photos for astonishing end results, could be done using several mobile apps for hobbyists and online tools that are exclusively designed for deep & thorough editing works. Usually these tools are used by professionals to showcase their photography skills in an attractive manner. Photo & video editing apps are fascinating as they have a wide range of collection of filters, balances , color splash, black & white etc. In addition to all these, the mobile apps also have optional sharing tie ups with Facebook, whatsapp, Google plus, twitter and many other social networks.

There are photography groups and communities available online. Join and follow them and stay in touch with the creative world of photography. If you are honestly interested then take a glance of all the articles, magazines that are easily accessible online. We must be so grateful to the high tech world as the ocean of knowledge could be gulped with zero or less investment.

“Learn, Click, Edit, Share, Save, Backup ” — A complete bonanza of photography.

Apps & tools :

Memorable Gift ideas with photos:

With the escalation of digital maintenance, printing photographs have become occasional. Despite this fact, a hard copy does hold some value and we use it either as gift or as a personal journal to keep the collection alive. We do feel delighted to see the photographs hanging on the walls of our house that reminds us of cherishing moments of life.

One spectacular gift that creates euphoria is the indelible photo in any of the following forms:



Photo calendar


Coffee magic mug


  • T-shirt, pillows, candles, cakes, Photo frames, Photo album and lot more.

Website links:

A great saying : Your Photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees. — PAUL STRAND

This is so true 🙂


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