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Grocery shopping

Singapore grocery 

Singapore, the Asian leading hub is tagged as the most facile place for business and the second most competitive country. Singapore presents wide range of grocery & departmental stores, supermarkets, marketplace, convenience stores. The trade economy of Singapore is a highly developed one. Singapore imports and exports products globally. The top exports are refined petroleum, chemical products, fuel, electronic equipments and major destinations are Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and so on. The imports are mainly from China, Malaysia, UAE, Other Asia, South Korea, Japan, India, United States etc.

E-commerce platform remains empyrean-high, as it boasts (yet true) to be simplest way of approaching the diligent public. Today, e-commerce has elongated its wings to surmount the major sector of working population in the country. Not only the working public, also people like you and me perpetually adopt the effortless way of utilizing Internet for purchasing essentials.

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Supermarkets In Singapore:

In Singapore, supermarkets are found in malls and local market areas. NTUC Fair price, Shensiong, Giant hypermarket are top ones having branches at sundry malls throughout and located at few local markets. Cold storage supermarket is known for its quality and the goods that they sell are not generally found in any other supermarkets. The NTUC fair price supermarket is based in Singapore and it is found with different names: Fairprice Xtra, Fairprice Finest, Fairprice Xpress & the Eco friendly fair price that runs on principles of reduce, reuse & recycle. Shen siong is located in retail locations of Singapore. It’s the 3rd largest chain of Supermarkets in Singapore. Giant hypermarket is a Malaysian predicated market ; has retail chains in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Convenience stores like 7 Eleven, Cheers are easily reachable as they are at petrol station, train stations, near bus stops, near malls. Some of them are open 24 hours and this is an added advantage.

Ranking according to Price: (low to high)

These are rough rankings in my opinion, I’ve marked as per my shopping list. And it may vary depending on the quality and the type of product you optate to purchase.

  • Local markets sell daily needs, essentials, fruits & vegetables, grocery and so on. Food centers here have a number of food stalls that serve for an affordable price. I customarily prefer the local markets for vegetables and major heftily ponderous groceries (as the local market is near to where I stay)
  • Shensiong — I prefer going here when I have a huge series of shopping that includes home needs, grocery and veggies at a very plausible price.
  • Giant Hypermarket & Fair price Supermarkets — There’s a situation where I am in a mall and suddenly I recollect of something to purchase, it might be an exigent requisite or even a feel of indolence to walk out to local markets; I purchase in either of these two supermarkets.
  • Fair price Xtra & Finest — Quality of food does matter a lot, I don’t say that Low quality is being sold in other supermarkets, rather I optically discern more options of high quality products. I find it little expensive.
  • Cold storage — I prefer Cold Storage for international foods, mainly for energy rich ones. Though this is an extravagant option, I don’t mind spending few extra bucks for highly worth food products the supermarket offers.
  • Convenient stores — As the name itself suggests, the convenient stores are betokened for last minute purchase or urgent essentials. They offer basic essentials / needs, but seems a little high on price as compared to others (except high end supermarkets stated above). We tend to be generous when it comes to an emergency requirement.
  • Many other Asian grocery stores can be found in Singapore.
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“According to Nielsen Global Survey of Digital’s Influence on Grocery Shopping, online grocery shoppers in the country surged 71 percent over 2010”

In addition to all these, there is much importance for e-commerce platform in Singapore; I believe this must be the scenario in other countries too.Fairprice, shen siong, Giant hypermarket , Cold Storage are also available to make a purchase online for door delivery.

Of course there are many other small scale markets that are present physically as well as online, but I am listing out only the major ones. There’s an online store called Redmart that is exclusively designed for the customers who shop online.

Here’s the statistics

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