Stress Management


Stress Management

Stress & tension issues are gradually hitting the zenith, thereby leading a person to the ultimate depression state. Stress is a mental tension/ disturbance. Stress in a human’s life is inevitable ; yet preventive measures could be taken. The minimum stress levels could be manageable which might have less or no side effects. It is our responsibility to keep our body fit, healthy and energetic by avoiding extreme levels of stress / tension.

Victims of stress, could be of any age group right from a school going kid to a retired elderly person. Here are few instances I have personally come across — Before writing this, I made a petty research of lives of various age groups of people around the world. ( the people were my family , relatives, friends & local people). We presume the life of a child as a very joyful phase but, it is factual only to certain extent. The present generation children are facing difficulties, that turns out to be harmful to their delicate brains. Few out of the children I met, were worried of their school grades / scores as pressure being imposed constantly, couple of them were on pin and needle situation of poverty & criticism, that has led to serious health issues. However the teenagers I came across, were comparatively better than other age groups, though with little minor stress issues. Furthermore, middle & old age group were on a risk of attaining high blood pressure. The reasons they mentioned were related to work/job, family issues, assets, money related problems, etc. The point I could grasp from their lives — “STRESS”.

Health cannot be overtaken by anything on this world!!!

“Be engrossed in thoughts & works that promote your health.”

I insist on making a strict schedule that divides time equally between work and life.

Here I have shortlisted the outstanding practices that keep you away from stress:

  • Food-Diet plays a key role in a person’s life and this has to be given a top priority. As I am a vegetarian, I would only be able to state a vegetarian diet chart. Fruits, vegetables and water ought to be included in the daily diet chart. Cereals, legumes, fresh juices could be taken on alternate days. Narrow down intake of white sugars instead opt for natural sugars. Intake of fried foods & fat foods should be limited depending on age and body conditions. Always eat fresh foods thereby avoiding preservatives. Avoid sugary, carbonated drinks. Restrict intake of coffee (it has high caffeine content). Restrict or eliminate alcohol & smoking.

Follow some health tips :

  • Meditation has an immediate effect; relieves from stress and makes your mind calm. Alternatively, breathing exercise could be tried which is equally effective. Our primary aim is to reduce stress either by diverting with other significant thoughts or calming our minds with no thoughts by following relaxation or meditation techniques. Changing surroundings & environment could be propitious at times. For example, we feel frustrated if the surroundings are clumsy, some colours could be unpleasant at times. Prefer to be at an eye-pleasing room / space of your house whenever you feel over-stressed.

Know more about meditation:

  • It is highly recommended to be involved in some form of physical exercise. There are hundreds of exercise options depending on the age. There are training centres/ classes in all the major countries / states / cities across the world. Additionally, in this internet-era we can learn and follow interesting exercises on daily basis right from our comfortable zone i.e, our residence. In this way, physical health could tracked conveniently thereby saving the commutation time. Aerobics, walking, jogging, cardio, Zumba, indoor cycling and numerous options are available online, from which you can commit to the one that is perfectly suitable for your body and start following it.

Track your activities with this mobile app :

  • Hobbies and passion might make you feel comfortable & jubilant. Always remember to stay engaged. Every individual have undiscovered interests and talents. Go deep inside, get hold of it and start implementing the ideas. This way you will be able to get in touch with the fields other than specifically career oriented, besides you will feel light with reduced stress levels. Listening songs, traveling outdoors, social service, community works etc, could act as stress buster.

Ideas for creative hobbies :

  • Follow the path of healthy lifestyle living. Work-life balance is extremely cardinal. Learn to prioritize and customize tasks accordingly. In the first place, take good care of the priceless asset i.e, your “health”.

A good one:) —

Happy healthy living !!:-)

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