Vegetable dosa

Serves : 4 p / 8-10 pieces  ; Preparation Time : 10min

For Preparing Dosa batter- Soaking Time : 1 overnight / 8 hrs

Dosa is an indian version of crepe or pancake that can be made in multifarious ways. Major dosa varieties include Utappam, Rava dosa, Paper Roast dosa, Clarified butter (Ghee) Roast, Cottage cheese (Paneer) dosa, Cauliflower dosa, Mixed Veg dosa, etc. Dosas can be eaten for breakfast/tiffin. Generally dosa batter is prepared using the following ingredients:

 Ingredients for Dosa batter :

  • Raw Rice – 2 cup
  • Boiled Rice – 2 cup
  • Black gram sabut – 1 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Salt as required


  • Soak all the above ingredients in 6-7 cup of water for 1 overnight or 8 hrs. 
  • Take the ingredients in a blender and make it into a fine batter by adding sufficient amount of water.
  • The batter must be of pouring(free flowing) consistency. Note that it must not be too thick or too loose.
  • Leave the batter for 1 overnight in a warm temperature. Batter needs some time and space to expand. So, choose a perfect container with some space left for the batter to expand.
  • Batter is ready to use.

Mixed Veg Dosa is an interesting recipe which has grated veggies stuffings. It looks colourful and tastes delightful. Conventionally, dosas are served with a traditional south indian liquid side dish “Sambhar” and many other side dishes like, “Coconut Chutney” , “Ginger Chutney” . Masala dosa is the top most Dosa dishes which is largely preferred by people of India/abroad (present days). It is perhaps, the tastier one.

Vegetable dosa
Vegetable dosa

Vegetable dosa Ingredients :

  • Carrot grated – 1 cup
  • Cabbage grated – 1 cup
  • Clarified butter – 2 teaspoons
  • Dosa batter – 3 cups
  • Coriander leaves (Optional) – for garnishing

Other vegetables such as Potatoes, onions, beetroot can also be added (optional)

Procedure :

  • Heat the dosa pan on a medium flame.
  • Put a ladle full of dosa batter and spread evenly into round shape (any preferred Dosa shape).
  • Pour little clarified butter / oil around the dosa. Spread some grated carrot & grated cabbage.
  • Press the veggies on the dosa a little, so that it does not stick to the pan when the dosa is turned other side.
  • Once the dosa is cooked well and crispy enough, turn around to the other side and allow it to cook for a minute.
  • Similarly make required number of dosas and serve hot.

Serve Dosa with “Coconut Chutney” & “Sambhar” 

Veggie stuffing inside dosa

Alternate Method :

Instead of putting the grated veggies on the top of dosa,  it can well be mixed with batter. The veg dosa batter is then spread on the pan to make crispy dosas.








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