Veggie Hash brown

Hash brown
Serves:2 ; Preparation Time: 30 min
Sometimes, we feel bored to eat food because we follow the same recipe as a routine! I think we can start experimenting by changing either the main ingredient or by changing the procedure of a recipe thereby keeping all the ingredients same. After all, we badly need  routine-break (change) that can cause a kick-start (interest) again. 
     I was tired and bored of regular dinner recipes and started referring youtube recipe videos. This time, I seriously wanted to try recipes from experts.  As I had only few veggies in my pantry, I was probing for the recipe that used minimal ingredients to make a tasteful yet stomach-full dinner. This fast forward recipe video of stuffed hash brown omelette : was very impressive. I tried with whatever ingredients I had that day. Though I made few changes in my version, the taste was flawless. The crispy potato layer adds up an extra feather to the already delightful dish. The recipe is simple but requires a lot of patience. 
Veggie Hash brown
Veg hashbrown
  • Potato grated – 4 No.s (medium size)
  • Capsicum (green) cut into thin slices – 1 No.
  • Mint leaves – 8-10 leaves
  • Tomato chopped – 1 No. (medium size)
  • Onions chopped – 1 No. (medium size)
  • Black olives – as required
  • Butter – 4 tablespoon (2 Tbsp for each hash brown)
  • Pepper powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – as required
  • Shredded cheese – 2 cups
Procedure :
  • Grab a mixing bowl and a kitchen towel. Squeeze out all the water from grated potato. Pat it dry. Transfer grated & dried potato to  the mixing bowl, add salt & pepper powder and toss it. 
  • Heat olive oil in a nonstick pan over medium flame. Add chopped onions and green capsicum. Stir fry over high flame for 3 min until it turns light brown. Transfer this to a plate. 
  • Now, add chopped tomatoes & mint leaves. Sauté on a high flame for 2 min. Transfer this to a plate.
  • Heat butter in the same nonstick pan over a medium flame. Add the grated potatoes. Sauté for a min. Using a ladle, stick the grated potatoes together without gaps, forming a round shape. Leave it for 15 min on one side. Keep monitoring in between. Slightly lift the crust with the ladle to check. Once it turns golden brown, turn to the other side carefully and leave again for 15 min.
  • Once both the sides are well toasted, without turning off the stove arrange the veggie mixture on top of one side of the crust. Add shredded cheese ( mozzarella or cheddar) and immediately add pepper powder and salt.
  • Once the cheese has melted, take the veggie hash brown onto a serving plate and decorate with black olives.   


hash brown
Veggie hash brown

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